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Overseas Chinese Student Eligibility

As long as you meet one of the criteria below, you may pursue higher study in Taiwan as Overseas Chinese students under the support from the government:

  1. Was born and remain outside Taiwan up to the date of application; or remain outside Taiwan for the last 6 consecutive years (It is 8 years for Medical, Dental and Chinese Medicine Departments).
  2. Holding a permanent/ long-term residence certificate of your current resident nation.

The benefits of Overseas Chinese Students

One registration – various choices

Upon one registration at your local representative office, you are able to apply for 70 undergraduate programs or 3 post-graduate programs at the same time. Time saved and complicated procedure simplified!

Comprehensive system with extensive care

There’s a counseling section for Overseas Chinese Students at each university and complete senior buddy system offering assistance right upon your arrival. You could get overall help in all aspects such as food, daily wear, accommodation, transportation and entertainment as well as enjoy the national health insurance. Moreover, there are ten types of scholarships and financial aids dedicated to overseas Chinese students in different values and distribution standards. Various part-time job opportunities are available to ensure you can study without worry.

Outstanding education leads to bright future career

University Entrance Committee provides you a wide range of university choices from renowned academies in Taiwan to excellent-teaching awarded universities to help you discover your talent and create a future as you desire.  After graduation and returning to your home country, you are able to professionally enter any field such as industrial, commercial, political, economic and cultural smoothly. Study in Taiwan is the first step to a promising career future of your choice.