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 Admission & Post- Arrival Regulation

1. Semester Open day:

All universities and NTU preparatory program for overseas Chinese students begin in September. The exact date may vary from school to school. Admitted students must arrive in Taiwan with Acceptance Letter before the open day in order to complete the registration procedure.

2. Cancel or defer admission:

Any admitted student who wishes to cancel his admission due to personal reason must submit his Acceptance Letter to Overseas Community Affairs Council through local Taiwan presentative office in order to invalidate his admission eligibility. Any admitted student who wishes to defer his admission must punctually submit required documents to the university. Any late submission is invalid.

3. Residency in Taiwan:

A. Holding non-Taiwan passport:

Admitted students must apply for a residency visa at local Taiwan presentative office with following documents: Distribution Notice, Acceptance Letter and within-three-month Health Check Certificate (which must be issued by overseas authorized hospitals by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare; details on health-check articles please inquire Taiwan Centers for Disease Control; details on overseas authorized hospitals please inquire local Taiwan presentative office). Within 15 days of arrival in Taiwan, admitted students must acquire Alien Resident Certificates at local Immigration Agency. For those who can’t find an authorized hospital in home country, please inquire local Taiwan presentative office.

B. Applying for Alien Resident Certificates (ARC)

For applicants with no Taiwan citizenship, please prepare following documents in your home country:

  1. Application form (One 2’’ x 2’’ colored photo)
  2. Overseas residency (home country) certificates
  3. Taiwan passport or related documents proving applicant’s R.O.C nationality
  4. Certificates of criminal record of the last 5 years issued by the government of home country (Applicants under 18 are exempt)
  5. Within-three-month Health Check Certificate issued by authorized hospitals by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare
  6. Distribution Notice or Acceptance Letter


Admitted students must acquire Taiwan residency visa or single-entry visa from local Taiwan presentative office. And within 15 days of arrival in Taiwan, admitted students must apply for Alien Resident Certificates (ARC) by submitting the documents mentioned above along with Taiwan residency visa or single-entry visa to local National Immigration Agency Service Station.

C. Holding Taiwan citizenship with Taiwan passport or Entry Permit:

Within 30 days of arrival in Taiwan, Taiwan citizenship holders with passports or entry permits containing immigration stamp must register at original or current local Household Registration Office. (No ARC needed)

4. Taking NTNU Preparatory program for overseas Chinese students:

Any student feels lack of Chinese proficiency after admission can suggest enrolment in one-year Special Tutoring Program, then return to Preparatory Program.

5. National Health Insurance regulation for overseas Chinese students:

Once reaching 4 months of residence in Taiwan, the students are qualified to acquire National Health Insurance with a monthly fee of 329NT. The first 4 months in Taiwan before getting National Health Insurance, students are advised to acquire Medical Insurance for Overseas Chinese Students. In any case of canceling, the procedure must be carried out according to the regulations.