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Engineering Group

 Engineering Group
  Major departments electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering
  Content of study

1. Electric and electronic engineering covers the basic circuit structures; functions and theories of electronic parts; laminated circuit design and test, electronic parts of machines; communication device and technology

2. Mechanical engineering covers the mechanical materials and processing method; mechanical theories; structure of plane and vessel, mechanical design and manufacturing; generator theories

3. Civil engineering covers bridge, road and building planning, design and construction; construction materials;  engineering blueprint; irrigation engineering and water and soil conservation

4. Chemical engineering covers the chemical industrial process control and design; ingredients and processing of polymer material; energy demand, catalyst and chemical balance law in chemical product manufacturing process  

5. Industrial engineer is the technical integration of engineer and management, focusing on the training of talents for IT, management and automatic production
  Career opportunity electrical engineer, electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, chemical engineer, industrial engineer