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What kinds of departments are there in Taiwan universities?

The academic groups in Taiwan universities
Taiwan has one of the most thriving higher education system in Asia, and provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects. Students can make good use of resource for interdisciplinary learning to improve self-development and competitiveness. Before choosing the department or university to study, students are suggested to get to know Taiwan higher education system first and evaluate which one suits them best.

Types of Taiwan higher education institutes:

  1. Universities:recruit senior high school ((including Form 6 in Hong Kong) graduates. The study period is mostly 4 years, but for some Department of Architecture is 5 years, for School of Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary/Pharmacy is 6 years.
  2. University of Science and Technology:The study period is 4 years. Recruit senior high school (including Form 6 in Hong Kong) graduates. Some universities recruit two-year technical program (Associate Degree or Higher Diploma) graduates, and the study period is 2 years.
  3. Master programs in graduate school:Recruit university graduates, and the study period is 1 - 4 years.
  4.  Doctoral programs in graduate school:Recruit master degree graduates or Bachelor of Medicine graduates with more than 2- year medicine profession training, and the study period is 2-7 years.

Featured courses

The courses in Taiwan are various and diversified. In addition to traditional courses, the universities have developed some innovative courses implementing international trend and major policy development, such as study abroad, multimedia teaching materials, interdisciplinary Integration, dual degree programs, and other new learning methods for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau students to further study in Taiwan to pursue their dreams and lead them to a bright future!

Industry-Academia Collaboration or Study-Employment Integration System

One of the goals of education is to enrich students’ knowledge and their employability. Through "industry-academia collaboration" or "study-employment integration system", on one hand, they can cultivate professional and technical talents for the industries, and ensure students gain the practical know-how to match theories by "learn by doing" and "learning while doing". On the other hand, it makes full use of the resources of the school and the industry to jointly research and develop new products and new technologies, so as to strengthen the industrial competitiveness and optimize the campus entrepreneurial environment to encourage teachers and students to develop a startup.

The academic groups in Taiwan

  • Classification groups
    The departments in Taiwan higher education are rich and diverse. In order to help students understand and choose departments in universities, the academia use a classification system to divide disciplines into 3 groups. Before choosing the department which fits you best, you are suggested to understand your interests first.
    • Group 1:Literature, history and philosophy, Language, Politics and law, Social and psychology, Broadcast, Art, Education, Financial and economics, Management, etc.
    • Group 2:Literature, history and philosophy, Language, Politics and law, Social and psychology, Broadcast, Art, Education, Financial and economics, Management, etc.
    • Group 3:Medical and health, Life science, Agriculture, Leisure and physical, etc.
  • 18 Academic groups
    The relevance between departments is traceable. Ministry of Education in Taiwan analyzes the content of university departments, and based on the factors such as knowledge, subject tests, interests, future professional development, etc., it groups similar departments into one class, and similar classes form a group. There are 18 groups.

How to apply to the universities in Taiwan


Individual Application

United Distribution


  • Emphasize students’ learning potential
  • Provide students the opportunity of adaptive learning
  • Students apply to their ideal department through multiple entrance program
  • Emphasize students’ intellectual performance
  • Just, fair and transparent admission standard
  • Indicative unified entrance examination


  • Special performance during school year (executive, club, competition)
  • Excellent skill test result (music, arts, physical)
  • Recommendation ( Recommendation letter, certificate of merit)
  • No supporting evidence for special performance
  • Learning results are presented as test scores



  • No restricted to any classification groups
  • Group 2 can select the departments of Group 3, and vice versa.


Priority list


Application period

From November

Various, please see admission brochure for every batch



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